The declaration of intent

This blog signals the final installment of the "legality or formality" series. To write about these 4 key legal elements, a certain amount of knowledge is required. But I must admit, as much as I hope that these blogs have been useful to you, they have definitely helped me learn a great deal more about the formation of a ceremony and solidify what I already knew.

So, onto the last aspect!

4. Each person agrees to take the other as their lawful husband/wife.

This section, otherwise known as the "declaration of intent", typically takes place during the speaking of the vows. The vows are the verbal exchange which expresses the couples' promises to each other in regards to their intention to be married. Couples can choose to memorize their vows or have the celebrant read them, as long as they respond with "I do" or "I will".

This legal aspect is probably the shortest and most straightforward of them all, with only 2 words required in order to satisfy the requirement. Following the exchange of the rings, the celebrant is then able to legally pronounce you husband and wife based on the fulfillment of the four aspects we have spent the last few weeks dissecting.

Taking the legal aspects into consideration, wedding ceremonies do not have to take long. In fact, they can be done and dusted in a matter of minutes! Registry offices tend to only incorporate the legal aspects and forego the other "non-compulsory" aspects that we often witness during a wedding ceremony. These might include readings, poems, songs, etc.

Remember, at the end of the day it is your day and you must make the ultimate decision as to what should be included in your ceremony. As long as your legal bases are covered, your wedding day signifies the beginning of a lifetime with the man/woman you love. Make it count!

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